Instagram ads to gain followers

Clarify here all your doubts.

1) How do I get started?

The whole process is very simple. First you must log in to the system using your instagram login and password – Rest assured, only those who will have access to this data will be the instagram itself! After this step you will have access to the user menu, where you can select the options to win followers and / or tanned. At this point you will earn 20 tans and 10 followers every 30 minutes – as a free member. If you want to win more and not follow anyone, see HERE how to become a vip member and win many more tanned and followers (this all without following anyone) !.

2) If I indicate someone will I earn something?

Yes. Invite people to access the site – and use the system – through your referral link (it will be available on your menu) and win +1 follower / tanned on a successful request *. * When the member logs into the system.

3) Is the system completely free?

Yes. You will gain followers and / or tanned free of charge. If you want, you can subscribe to some of our VIP plans, where you will win more followers and tanned, besides not following anyone.

4) Will the site know my password?

No. Only Instagram has and will have access to your password. We will only generate your access token and we will not have access to your account.

5) Will people know that I used the system?

No. We will not make any disclosures / spam in your account, we do not have access to it.

6) Will I follow other people after using the system?

Yes. The system is based on an exchange of followers, you will gain followers and over time will also follow other people. Do not worry, we limit the amount of people you can (and will not necessarily) follow in a very low amount. You will follow a maximum of 10 people.

7) Can I stop following the 10 people that the system made me follow?

No. That hurts our follower exchange system. If you fail to follow our system will detect and will banish you forever.