How to really get more instagram followers?

What is instagram? Likes and followers for instagram

Everyone talks about it and everyone uses it. But what is Instagram? Instagram is a social photo network for Android and iPhone users. Basically this is a free application that can be downloaded and, from it, you can take pictures with your phone, apply effects to the images and share with your friends. There is also the possibility of posting these images on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. In Instagram, users can enjoy and comment on their photos and there is still the use of hashtags (#) so that it is possible to find images related to the same theme, even though the people who took these pictures are not their friends.

Quick guide: how to use

  1. To be part of Instagram, it is imperative that you have a smartphone running Android or iOS;
  2. Download the Android or iOS app and install it on your smartphone;
  3. Create your account;
  4. The application interface is quite simple and you simply click on the camera icon to take a photo;
  5. Then choose one of the various effects available;
  6. You can also crop the image, apply a blurred effect or rotate it;
  7. Write a caption and decide on what other social networks you would like to post this image;
  8. Share it!

How to get more followers and likes in in instagram?

  1. You log on instagram with your user and password used in Instagram.
  2. You are redirected and choose the options to win followers or likes.
  3. It is extremely prohibited to practice Unlike and Unfollow and there may be penalties!
  4. Invite people with your referral link and win + likes and followers.
  5. You invite 1 person you earn +2 followers or likes.
  6. Become a popular person, have your photos tanned by several people.