How to get instagram followers?

If you use Instagram daily, always sharing your pictures and images with your friends and followers, but you do not know a correct way to be faster at the time to win likes, followers and engagement, this problem may end now! Or, at the very least, you will achieve more success in your instagram in an effective and totally free way. Jayson DeMers, a marketing expert, offered some easy tips to improve your Insta, helping you to win more followers who, while being business and work-oriented, also work perfectly on personal use profiles – especially if you want to “pump” ” on the Internet. In an interview with Forbes website, De Mers pointed out that it is very common for users and entrepreneurs to feel very discouraged after noting that the publications do not have the desired feedback or at least what they expected. If you are also finding it difficult to become visible on Instagram, here are some precious tips we have put together for you: #Hashtags #special tool Use the hasthtags that are on the rise, as this may increase your number of followers, such as such as #FF (Follow Friday), #Unstafollow, # 141 (Like for like), #Tagforlikes, and #followback.

Enjoy other people’s photos

Another tip is that you happen to enjoy random pictures of people who are connected to you by Insta. Believe me, this strategy works: Forbes and Huffington Post columnist Neil Patel reported that he had already tested the maneuver and found that for every 100 tans he offered, he received approximately 6.1 followers.

Popular Hashtags

If you want your images to be easily found, especially when people search about such subject or environment. One of the most commonly used hashtags is #instagood, #love, #tbt, and #photooftheday.

Efficient schedules

Do you want to win more followers? The tip is: Post photos between 2am and 5pm. One study revealed that these are the best times for your publications to have more views.

Favor exchange

Look for the Instagram and follow the users who use hashtags like #likeforlike and #followme. In doing so, they will surely follow you again.

Quality X quantity

Always prefer quality to quantity. Please carefully review your account and leave only your best photos. Remember, no one wants to accompany someone who has hundreds of images, but all useless and sloppy.


According to research conducted by the “Fortune 500 Instagram Report” by Track Mavens, the best filter to promote your images is Mayfair.


Take a look at your biography and make sure it is well written and complete. Include hashtags, keywords and a link from another social network that you use. Above all, do not become a spam keeper as this will cause no one to waste time reading your bio and following your profile.

Interact and question

Make some questions about the caption of your photos, as this is a great way to increase the engagement of your posts.

Sunday is also day!

Make sure you publish your photos on Sundays, as it’s the day when there’s less competition, which can make your photos more visible.

Frequency without fear

Do not be afraid to publish with continuity. Many people think that the frequency of publications usually gives a negative return on Instagram’s income, but this is not true. In fact, no link was ever found between the number of posted images and the engagement received. But of course, you should have good sense, and not post every minute.

Possible followers

In order for you to start following the “suggested users”, simply go to the settings (icon located at the top right of your screen), select “find and invite friends” and, finally, suggested users.


You can also take advantage of the geolocation tool in your publications – especially if your instagram is a local business. This will certainly help your image appear for people who post photos in places near you through the location page. This is a great way to gain the attention of users.


Be sure to make some video and photo montages – using tools similar to PicFrame. This will certainly generate a greater engagement in your publications.


Those people who are prominent become a great showcase for those who want to win followers. If you want to increase your sales – or advertise your brand, ask an influencer to quote your products, or tickle it, this is a good opportunity to become recognized.

Blue color

This tip may be strange, but some studies indicate that images that have blue things generate 24% more tanned than those images that are red or orange, for example.

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