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Do you get the message “We have detected an attempt to start Instagram Unusual?. We tell you why this happens.

In September of 2017, millions of Instagram accounts were hacked where hackers used an API error to access users’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Such attempts have been common with almost all other popular social networking applications. In an attempt to avoid such attacks in the future, Instagram has significantly improved the security of its mobile application.

Why Instagram shows the message “We have detected an attempt to start Unusual Instagram?

But although better security is always welcome, several users have recently complained that they could not log into the Instagram account. This is why the Unusual Instagram start advertising comes out.

Your accounts are frozen and receive a “Suspected sign-in attempt error” when they try to use Instagram. In addition to “There was a problem with your request”, “Attempt to start suspicious login” is now also a common Instagram error.

If you have problems with the same, there are some solutions to solve this problem. But before we start talking about solutions, let’s first try to understand why this problem occurs.

What is an unusual Instagram start attempt?

Freezing your Instagram account is one of the many ways in which the application tries to protect your account. In general, there are two reasons for this problem:

You tried to sign in to your Instagram account from a different device or with many different devices

Someone could have tried to log in to your account

In most cases, it is the first reason why people end up receiving this error. Fortunately, there are some very simple solutions to get rid of this problem.

But be sure to be careful as many users have lost their account in their attempt to solve the problem. Click here and we’ll show you how to fix it.