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Likes For Insta: How does it work?

The term Likes For Insta means Tanned in Instagram. It is linked directly to follower and tanned exchange systems. Our  website specializes in this, and the best, everything is free!

Follow Insta – does it work?

Follow Insta is a similar system to InstaCurtida and is for you to win tans and real and Americaian followers on Instagram. The translated term means Followers in the Insta that is short for Instagram. Our site is more functional and has more users, therefore with more followers and tanned. Try our free system!

Followers on Instagram – How to get more likes?

There are several benefits of gaining real followers on Instagram, among them the main one that is the positive impact that one has when accessing some profile with a large number of followers.

1) Do you charge anything for tannings and previews?

No. Our system has no cost involved. Just access and use. In case you want, you can counter the Premium Account at a very affordable price and have exclusive benefit.

2) Am I at risk of having my account stolen?

No. All your data is encrypted and transmitted with complete security. Once logged in, your username and password are not stored, we only use session cookies.

3) Are there any risks of banishment?

No. We do not violate Instagram’s terms, so you can be totally unconcerned about not taking any risk of losing your account.

4) Do I have any limits on tanned and pre-recorded?

Yes. You have 280 tanned and daily views, and if you indicate a friend, as long as he uses our service, you will have 5 additional tanned for each one.

5) Is the delivered quantity accurate?

No. Depending on your luck you can gain up to 100% more tanned or views over the chosen quantity.

6) Tanned are from which country?

The majority of our users (around 99%) are real people. Therefore, almost all tanneries are made from real profiles of users living in Europe.

7) How does the Premium Account work?

The Premium Account has a monthly value of  $10 and so you earn 2,000 extra tanned a day to distribute for your Instagram photos. If you are interested in larger packages, please contact us by contact form.

8) How it works?

Our system is simple yet extremely functional.

All you have to do is generate the Token and access the system using it.

If the token is valid, your Instagram Profile will appear on the screen and you can then choose the photo / video to receive the tenses / views.

After selecting the photo, you choose how many tanned you want to receive.

Now just wait until the tanneries will be delivered in a maximum of 5 minutes.