OInstagram is one of the most used applications worldwide, along with Facebook and WhatsApp. And all that success has led to several Instagram improvements over the past few months. This app is nowadays much more than an option to edit images and share them with friends. Instagram has become an excellent tool for marketing and social outreach. In order for you to know everything that Instagram has to offer, we have created a post where we will explore some of the most secret features of Instagram. I am sure you do not know at least some of these tips.

After reading our articles, let’s go to the list!

  1. Send photos in private mode

A few months ago, Instagram added the possibility to send photos only to preselected friends, and it could be done to a maximum of 15 friends. Once shared with them, your friends can comment and enjoy your image, just like in the Instagram Feed. To do so is, in fact, very simple. Edit the photo as usual and then instead of selecting the “Followers” option, choose the “Direct” option, as shown in the image below:

Then choose the friends with whom you will share this image. Remember that you can choose a maximum of 15 friends. After sharing, go to the upper right corner of your Instagram account, as shown below.

Click on the image and see if it was shared with the correct friends!

If you are seeing an image similar to the one above, with your profile highlighted and your friends’ “clearer”, it is because you did everything correctly.

  1. Ignore messages from some people in the

Instagram The option of direct messages is interesting, however, it can often be used in a slightly awkward way … If you have that friend who is always sharing content with you privately, Instagram gives the possibility to remove this option to that specific friend. Just click on the three points that are in the upper right corner of the image. Then something similar to the one you see below will appear. Ignore direct messages in Instagram Choose “Ignore posts from this user” option and from now on he will not be able to send you any more direct messages to you.

  1. Remove tags from images

Often friends end up marking our name in photos, say, less convenient. If this happens constantly with you, this tip will be extremely helpful! Instagram has the option to remove tags from the images! Just press the image for a few seconds and then select the “Remove my profile from the image” option. Remove Tag in Instagram If you want, you can keep the tag and tell Instagram so that this image does not appear in your profile of this social network.

  1. Use the filters without posting on the

Instagram Instagram filters are great! However, they have a very large “counter”: they can only be used without you posting the image. That was something impossible … until you read this text! To use the filters without posting the image on Instagram, just leave your iOS or Android in Flight mode and then use the filters and try to publish the photo. At the end, an error image will appear, but do not worry, it is purposeful! When Instagram uses filters but can not publish your image, it is automatically saved to your mobile photo folder. Now you can have the image with filters without posting it on Instagram!

  1. Remove the location of the photos

By default, Instagram uses your location to create a tab on your profile, informing you where you’ve taken your photos. But if you are a more discreet person (just like me) and do not like to divulge where you are, just remove the location option. To do so is very simple. When it’s time to publish, remove the “Add to Photo Map” option as shown in the image below. Turn off Instagram location

  1. Adding Hashtags After Publishing an Image

Instagram (still) does not have the option to edit the description of your photo. This can be a problem as we often forget about some essential hashtag’s. If you get desperate every time this happens, we have a simple solution that will solve your problem. Just go to the comments and insert the hashtag you want. This is because the hashtag’s of comments can also be found in the Instagram search panel. Obviously it does not look so good in aesthetic terms, but that’s another detail …

  1. Share your photos on the

Instagram after posting Certainly you have already posted some photography on Instagram and then forgot to do sharing on social networks. Believe me: this is something very common. But, once again, we have the solution for you. When you want to share something you’ve already posted, just click on the three points that are next to the photo. Photo Sharing on Instagram Then click “Share Photo”. share photo in Instagram And lastly, choose the social network you will use. choose the social network to share

  1. Save the original photo

When you share the photo in Instagram, the app usually saves the final version of the photo on your mobile phone. But to save the original version of the photo you will have to carry out some steps. First, go to the “Options” and then select the “Save Original Photos” option, as shown below. And presto, from now Instagram will save an original version of your photos. Save Instagram

  1. Turn off auto-viewing without Wi-Fi

The automatic viewing of videos on Instagram always ends up spending countless Megabytes on your internet. If you want to avoid this waste, just tell Instagram that automatic preview will only work when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi. To do so simply follow the steps that we’ll show below. Go to the Instagram “Options” and then go to the “Videos” tab and click on the “Preload” option. Turn off Preload Video on Instagram In this part, choose the “Wi-Fi only” option. And now the videos will only start automatically if you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Preload Wi-Fi video on Instagram

  1. Find people to follow in the

Instagram If you are getting started on Instagram and want to follow interesting people, a good way to do it is to search your mobile contacts. Check out how to do it in the steps below. First go to the “Options” and select the “Find people to follow” option. Find people to follow in the Instagram Then select the “Contacts” option Add contacts in the And lastly, choose the friends that you will add. Instagram gives you the possibility to add one by one (the advisable one) or to follow all. It’s your choice.